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Open yourself to FINALLY Cracking The Prosperity Code
Famous Actress Dee Wallace is ALSO a popular and powerful channel. What Dee calls "The Channel," has worked through Dee to deliver the most important program, delivered at a time in our history when we most need it. Prepare to FINALLY Crack the code for manifesting money, wealth, and financial prosperity. SERIOUSLY, it works!
Know With Confidence How To Shift Your Relationships
The Channel worked overtime through Dee, to bring through the most critical formula for improving relationships with everyone in your life. Get ready to experience conflict-free interpersonal relationships as you live from a place of peace, calm, and power (and they do too).
Activate & Balance Your Health & Vitality FOR REAL
Dee and The Channel bring froward intricate details for knowing, experiencing, and creating REAL health as well as wellness. (The Channel delineates that there is s difference between health and wellness.) If you are having ANY health issues The Awesome Creation Formula is here to profoundly support your physical body.
The Easiest, Most Readily Applicable Formula For Manifestation EVER
You will be amazed at the depth of sacred energies and insights being presented in this course... Yet it is so applicable and easy to use. By the time you move through these 6 sessions and 3 bonus programs, you may not recognize the old stuck you that didn't know how to manifest with ease.

As Seen On...

Hey there! I’m Dee Wallace…

And I’m SO happy you’re here! 

You may know me for my acting career and one of my most famous roles – I played the mother in Steven Spielberg’s academy award-winning movie E.T. 

But that’s not all that I do. I dedicate my heart and soul to my work as a world-renowned channeler and healer!  

I discovered my spiritual abilities through teaching at an acting school. As I coached my students, I found ways to help them access their deepest internal programming, which led me to uncover amazing healing tools.

Once I accessed my gifts, I started downloading profound wisdom and energy tools – and I’ve been channeling them for over 30 years!

One of the most revolutionary materials I downloaded through The Channel was the Formula for Creating Anything You Want.

Manifesting your dreams can be simple… You’ll see! 

There are false beliefs that have been running your life for some time now.

They are dictating and influencing the energy codes that are then creating the life you are living.

The reason you are on this page is that you have made a subconscious decision to take command of your life.
You have finally decided that enough is enough and it's time to shift your beliefs to ones of power, of command, confidence and light... 

Claiming new perspectives and understandings, to establish clear pure manifestation.

Well my friend, you are in the right place.

I have spent decades working with The Channel to identify the precise Formula for creation.

They have shown me THE way to manifest in every part of our lives so that our highest and best purpose is served (and we love the results).

This amazing yet simple Formula is the pathway to more ease, more calm and peace.

It will help you to know what you want and create it without doubt or delay.

I'm just so darned happy you are here, because it means you are ready!

How would it feel knowing deep in your bones that you have the power to create absolutely ANYTHING you want?

If you’re reading this, you’ve been called to claim your power.

But if you’re like most spiritual seekers, you may be feeling overwhelmed, drained or stuck. 

Perhaps you feel you’re “too sensitive” and after dealing with everyday life you have no energy left to focus on the things you’d like to create…

Like the abundance overflow that allows you to live life freely… 

Vibrant health to enjoy each moment to the fullest…

Loving relationships that enrich your days with laughter and kindness… 

Or the success of sharing your gifts with the world without dimming your light.

The truth is, you don’t have to brace yourself when you step out into the world – manifesting anything you want can be easy.

There’s no need to “push,” “hustle” or even follow complicated 1-hour morning routines of never-ending spiritual “chores” to attract what you desire…

Because once you have a deep knowing of how manifestation truly works, it all boils down to a single simple formula.

You can use this formula to create absolutely anything you want in life…

With ease, grace and flow.

I know, because I downloaded this formula myself from The Channel – and I’ve used it to change thousands of lives! (myself included.)

Are you ready to create the life you want?

Why Creation Can Feel So Challenging At Times...

The thing about spiritual practices and tools, is that they usually address a small part of your energetic imprint…

So we end up using a bunch of them, all over the place to try to create what we want.

We have journaling, meditation, morning routines, evening routines, breathwork, visualization…

It’s a lot of things!

Don’t get me wrong, they’re wonderful tools – but if you want to create your dreams faster, it’s better to dive deep into the inner workings of manifestation…

And discover the root cause of the reality you’re living.

That’s exactly what I discovered working with The Channel: the energetic formula that will help you create absolutely EVERYTHING you want.

The best part? It’s incredibly simple!

The truth is, manifesting anything you want can be easy.

Actually, it’s meant to be FUN!

You’re a part of this human experience so that you can create the abundance, success, joy and loving relationships that you desire.

So I worked with The Channel over decades to identify the exact creation formula for everything…

And built a course to help you shape your reality and create the life of your dreams.

I Have Discovered The Easiest, Fastest Way To Manifest...

The “Awesome Magical Creation” Course will help you manifest anything you want in your life through the Formula For Creating Anything You Want.

I downloaded each component of this Formula through The Channel, and compiled it all in an easy way for you to master this process quickly, and start applying it right away. 

What I love the most about this Formula is how simple it is – and how fast anyone can create results!  

This is not just a “money creation” course, or a “health manifestation” course (even though you’ll be able to manifest those for sure…)

This is the creation course for your LIFE. 

You can apply this formula to anything in your life and watch it change. Yippee!
Praise For Dee Wallace...
“Best gift I ever gave to myself! Dee has changed my life in the best way possible. From the first session with her I was blown away. Dee helps me to get to the root of my problems and tackle them head-on. She is beyond supportive and has the best heart. She really wants you to succeed in life. I can’t recommend Dee enough; you will have zero regrets!”

“I have never had anyone so accurately speak to my core. It is time to approach life differently. And the great thing is that, when you start doing it, life changes. I have bought lots of classes over the years. None of them helped me like this one. Thank you, Dee, for creating this! I highly recommend it.”

“Thank you so much Dee and your channel. I am so grateful for this message. It feels like having a door unlocked which I had lost the key too!! You brought me to tears, and my energy is already shifting!”

“I am so happy and grateful to receive your message! Upon reflection, I realize “struggle” had been a part of all my manifestations. Now I am allowing ease and claim all my desires with peace and joy.”

“Dee and her classes have contributed to my being able to make many healthy changes in my life. Every time I am able to take a class or listen to her, I do because it helps me to feel more centered, grounded, and clear. ”

How E.T. is in This Course...

It's no accident that I attracted E.T. to me, it represents all the elements I teach in my healing work: choice, commitment, working with all energy available to us, and, most important, LOVE.

E.T had to know what he wanted to get it. He wanted to get hoooome. And he committed to it. He saw a world of friends in the children he befriended who could help him achieve it. 

They worked together and took action. These are all the principles I teach in Awesome Magical Creation. I have created this program to have you journey with us to get home to love and amazing creation in your life?

Self-love is one of the most important first keys to creating the life you want. 

Like E.T., if your heart isn't open and your heart light isn't turned on, you don't want to give yourself what you want, and you don't magnetize all the amazing opportunities to yourself. 

Learn all the simple, profound elements of the formula for creating your life AND in every subject...

What You'll Receive In
Your 6 Sessions + 3 Bonuses...

The “Awesome Magical Creation” Course is the work of my life.  

I’m so excited to share it with you!

I’ve channeled this material over the course of 30 years, distilling it into its more powerful, core components that will just work in any situation.

That’s exactly what the “Formula For Creating Anything You Want” is all about…

And that’s the creation formula you’ll be mastering inside this course!

This is profound knowing – but there’s no fluff in here… 

The videos you’ll receive are concise, actionable, and simple, yet deeply transformational.

I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true…

This Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life...

Once you apply the teachings inside the “Awesome Magical Creation” Course, you will…
  • Get what you want in life with grace, ease, and flow. Dissolve the resistance keeping you in place and start smooth sailing through life
  • Crack the code on abundance and success – say goodbye to financial struggle, sacrifice and stuckness
  • Shift your relationships to enjoy the harmony, respect, love, and kindness you deserve.
  • Enjoy vibrant health and wellness as you’ve never experienced before (not even when you were younger!)
  • ​Start living life on your terms with the easiest, most readily applicable Formula For Manifestation EVER

Inside the “Awesome Magical Creation” Course, you’ll receive:

6 Powerful Transformational Video Workshops (Value $1,197)

These workshops will unveil the components of the Formula For Creating Anything You Want. 

In a few short minutes, you’ll learn how to apply these principles in different areas to create your most wonderful life!

AND... 6 powerful BONUS FAQs (Value $287)

Host and Celebrated Healer Jennifer McLean Interviews me for EACH Session bringing out even more insights, techniques, and information.

Amazing added value with these powerful videos.

PLUS  the best part of The Sheets for Manifestation ($167)

I channeled throughout the years an exhaustive list of the false core beliefs preventing us from manifesting what we truly want, as a way to diagnose our blocks.  

I compiled them inside a powerful guide called the Sheet.

From what is shared in the Sheets about manifestation, you’ll quickly grasp the root cause of what’s holding you back – and how to shift it.

You will receive through the course the false core beliefs about manifestation.

[NOTE you will NOT receive the actual sheets.... that would be another $10,000 course.]

Your course includes...

Session 1

Understanding Energy (Science /Scripture/Spirituality)

Plus Bonus FAQ Interview

You are about to really understand what brain science has validated about creation that also jives with scripture and spiritual principles. 

You will come out of this session with a much clearer understanding of how energy works and why it is important to consciously understand this.

This is your creation preparation.

Session 2

The Creation Formula for Health

Plus Bonus FAQ Interview

The channel works through Dee to deliver a wonderful insight into how to actually CREATE HEALTH.

You will experience an outline of the core false beliefs that must be present in order to experience illness and disease.

This is a fascinating deep dive into the reasons why we get sick and more importantly how to turn it around.

Session 3

The Creation Formula for Wellness

Plus Bonus FAQ Interview

The channel makes a distinction between "heath" and "wellness" in this fascinating session.

You will understand what it takes for emotional and mental wellbeing.

this one helps you uncover techniques and practices to markedly improve these daily.

Session 4

The Creation Formula for Money

Plus Bonus FAQ Interview

You will experience The Chanel unpacking the unconscious constrictions we place on money, and how to unravel them.

Once you are through this session actual miracles may just occur!

Session 5

The Creation Formula for Success

Plus Bonus FAQ Interview

The channel once again gets specific and delineates between money and success.

If you have been wanting to understand your calling and/or purpose, then be sure to catch this special and enlightening session.

She also calls out the greatest fear most of us have around success that once understood can change just about everything.

Session 6

Plus Bonus FAQ Interview

The Creation Formula for Relationships

You are about to learn and then completely shift the false core belief most have around upsetting and dysfunctional relationships.

This one thing can change and totally turn around your significant relationships.

PLUS You'll ALSO receive my proven morning Breathing Creation Meditation...

This is what I use EVERY DAY to start my day of Magical Awesome Creation... if you only do this ONE THING it will change almost everything.

There is a video version and an audio version... plus it's written out for you.

Summary & Meditation

Plus Bonus FAQ Interview

In this summary, You'll ALSO receive my proven morning Breathing Creation Meditation...

This is what I use EVERY DAY to start my day of Magical Awesome Creation... if you only do this ONE THING it will change almost everything.

There is a video version and an audio version... plus it's written out for you.

and there is the final overview to ensure all the pieces of this Magical Creation are pulled together for you


Bonus 1

21-Days of Gratitude Self Love Daily Practice

Gratitude and Self-Love are powerful ways to activate your capacity to bring forth what you want to manifest…

So every day for 21 days, You'll access a short exercise to increase your vibration through self-love and gratitude. 

You’re going to loooove this program!

Bonus 2

4 Part Video Workshops for - The Little Child Experience 

In this four-part video presentation, you will learn how to access your little child, their fears and their limiting beliefs. 

You will learn how to redirect them, and how to integrate them so they are working with you toward your desires. Join me in this amazing program that will give you insights and freedom!

This is not your regular “inner child” healing – this is a deeper way to reprogram the beliefs we picked up as children, and free yourself from the energetic imprint of false core beliefs that got locked in when we were little!

Get the profound healing and release that you were searching for! 

Bonus 3

2-Hour Audio Webinar Dissecting The Inner Dialog

With Worksheet To Use With Webinar

Your inner dialogue creates your life. Your reality. What is it exactly? It is the stream of thoughts and directions to the energy that you replay

You will come to understand the Reticular Activating System, how to dissect it, and how to reprogram it. 

When you become conscious of what you are focusing on unconsciously, your life changes and you begin creating what you want.

Join in to understand how to be the master of this system and create the life you want. (This is pretty WOW!)

Master The “Formula For Creating Anything You Want” At A Fraction Of The Price...

I Asked The Channel!

My focus is to get this work out there, so people can see how fast and easy their lives will change.

Because inside the personal development world, I’ve found many courses claiming they will help you transform your life completely… 

Some are time-consuming programs with weekly assignments, costing $2,000 and more… 

Others are even longer yearly memberships of over $10,000. 

These courses will take you a long time and a high investment to start creating the results you want.

But in truth creating the life you want is simple, and fun… 

So I built a course that will give you everything you need in 6 short videos, at a fraction of the price!

A course of this level would normally be priced at $1,197 – but I want this to be as accessible as possible… 

Then add in the  3 Powerful and proven bonus programs that would be priced together at more than $544

So I tapped into The Channel to determine what the energy exchange for this course should be in order to reach all the people who need this right now.

And the investment The Channel revealed to me was an incredibly accessible $299!
The Time To Create The Life You Want Is NOW

Today You're Receiving...

  • “Awesome Magical Creation” 6 Session Video Course (Value $1,197)
  •  Dee is sharing parts of The Sheets & The Symbol as they are used In the course around manifestation (Value Priceless)
  • BONUS: 21 Days of Gratitude (Self Love Amplifier) (Value $197)
  • ​4 Part Little Child Healing (Value $347)
  • ​AND JUST ADDED** 2-Hour Audio Webinar: Dissecting Your Inner Dialogue (Value $197)


  • ​Activate Your Innate Creation Gifts: prepare to have your ability to manifest with confidence and precision activated through these special video workshops.
  • ​Crack the code on abundance and success: say goodbye to financial struggle, sacrifice, and stuckness!
  • ​Shift your relationships: to enjoy the harmony, respect, love, and kindness you deserve. 
  • ​Enjoy vibrant health and wellness: as you’ve never experienced before (not even when you were younger!)
  • ​Start living life on your terms: with the easiest, most readily applicable Formula For Manifestation EVER
  • ​Not Found Anywhere Else: This is a one-of-a-kind program not found anywhere else... the channel has brought through this original and amazing content and practices designed specifically for this time in history. There isn't a program anywhere out there that is revealing your magical creation abilities.
  • ​Downloadable Transcripts: Your transcripts allow you to take in the information in new ways and highlight quotable moments.
  • ​Downloadable Mp3s: You can download your Mp3 audios of each session to listen to and be activated again and again.
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Just sign in to your member’s area and start watching :) 

Choose to write your own life… And watch it change!

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Praise For Dee's Channeling & Healing Abilities...
  Dee Wallace is a spiritual architect...
"Dee Wallace is a must experience. She is a spiritual archeologist that helps you dig at core issues. Many teach…but only a few can help others to transcend. "

John Edwards, Host of Crossing Over and Co-Founder of
  Dee Wallace is an inspiring teacher...
"When you know WHO YOU ARE you understand that all energy is from the creative force, that there is no separation, only choice to be made. Dee Wallace is an inspiring actress and teacher that has learned to apply to empowering energy.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the New York Times bestselling series Conversations with God

 ... she and the channel are always right on target...
"Dee Wallace is one of my go-to experts for all things creation and manifestation. Her sessions have helped me many times when I've found myself stuck and needing help to uncover the blocks in my way. She and the channel are always right on target, and her teachings are simple enough to understand, yet powerful beyond measure. I highly recommend Dee's work to anyone looking to break through blocks, own their power and learn to create anything they desire."  

Tammy Mastroberte, No. 1 Bestselling Author, "The Universe is Talking to You"
Etched-In Power on the Recordings...
The recordings of this self study video program are remarkably powerful...

There are thousands listening to these recordings, and they receive with each session the activation of their Healer Types and the ignition of their modalities... all that transformation is etched onto these recordings.

So in a way the recorded sessions are even more powerful than if they had been offered live.

Each transformation and each activation is incorporated into the energy of these potent recordings, so you receive very deeply as you take in each audio and/or video.

You are gaining so much by experiencing this program in these special recordings.

These recordings contain profound and potent energies that spill over into additional healing support.

Thank you!



About Dee...
Dee Wallace is a well-known actress, best known for her role in Steven Spielberg’s academy award-winning movie E.T. 

But she’s so much more than that: she’s a world-renowned channeler and healer! 

Dee has spent over a decade developing a remarkable transmutational model designed to work in the core energy systems of the psyche – encouraging profound, yet instant release.

She discovered this healing model through teaching at her acting school. As she coached her students, she found ways to help them access their deepest internal programming, which led her to uncover these proprietary healing tools.

She delivers her self-developed model each month on the renowned membership site Masterworks Healing, and through her own popular monthly webinars, as well as through her books and programs ,where she lovingly helps people “let go of their story” and shift their limiting beliefs.  

Often filled with laughter, her sessions are great for releasing anything holding you back from perfect health, abundance and joy.  
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