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With Channeler (& Famous Actress) Dee Wallace

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Open yourself to FINALLY Cracking The Prosperity Code
Famous Actress Dee Wallace is ALSO a popular and powerful channel. What Dee calls "The Channel," has worked through Dee to deliver the most important program, delivered at a time in our history when we most need it. Prepare to FINALLY Crack the code for manifesting money, wealth, and financial prosperity. SERIOUSLY, it works!
Know With Confidence How To Shift Your Relationships
The Channel worked overtime through Dee, to bring through the most critical formula for improving relationships with everyone in your life. Get ready to experience conflict-free interpersonal relationships as you live from a place of peace, calm, and power (and they do too).
Activate & Balance Your Health & Vitality FOR REAL
Dee and The Channel bring froward intricate details for knowing, experiencing, and creating REAL health as well as wellness. (The Channel delineates that there is s difference between health and wellness.) If you are having ANY health issues The Awesome Creation Formula is here to profoundly support your physical body.
The Easiest, Most Readily Applicable Formula For Manifestation EVER
You will be amazed at the depth of sacred energies and insights being presented in this course... Yet it is so applicable and easy to use. By the time you move through these 6 sessions and 3 bonus programs, you may not recognize the old stuck you that didn't know how to manifest with ease.
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  • 6 Powerful workshop sessions (plus bonus Interviews with Jennifer): These remarkable video sessions are here as a self-study program (already recorded and waiting for you) to support you with experiential activations and healings to permanently activate your awesome magical creation powers to create everything you want in your life.
  • Bonus 1, 21 Days of Gratitude (Self Love Amplifier) (Value $197) Gratitude and Self-Love are powerful ways to activate your capacity to bring forth what you want to manifest… So every day for 21 days, you'll receive a short exercise to increase your vibration through self-love and gratitude. You’re going to loooove this program!
  • Bonus 2, 4 Part Little Child Healing (Value $347): This is not your regular “inner child” healing – this is a deeper way to reprogram the beliefs we picked up as children, and free yourself from the energetic imprint of false core beliefs that got locked in when we were little.
  • ​Bonus 3, 2-Hour Audio Webinar Dissecting The Inner Dialog (with powerful worksheet): You will come to understand the Reticular Activating System, how to dissect it, and how to reprogram it. When you become conscious of what you are focusing on unconsciously, your life changes and you begin creating what you want.
  • ​Activate Your Innate Creation Gifts: prepare to have your ability to manifest with confidence and precision activated through these special video workshops.
  • Crack the code on abundance and success – say goodbye to financial struggle, sacrifice and stuckness!
  • Shift your relationships to enjoy the harmony, respect, love, and kindness you deserve. 
  • ​Enjoy vibrant health and wellness as you’ve never experienced before (not even when you were younger!)
  • Start living life on your terms with the easiest, most readily applicable Formula For Manifestation EVER
  • ​Not Found Anywhere Else: This is a one-of-a-kind program not found anywhere else... the channel has brought through this original and amazing content and practices designed specifically for this time in history. There isn't a program anywhere out there that is revealing your magical creation abilities!
  • Downloadable Transcripts: Your transcripts allow you to take in the information in new ways and highlight quotable moments.
  • ​Downloadable Mp3s: You can download your Mp3 audios of each session once it's recorded to listen to and be activated again and again.
  • ​Available indefinitely: life happens so we recommend downloading everything we can't guarantee lifetime access but it should be here for a good long while.
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Praise For Dee's Channeling & Healing Abilities...
  Dee Wallace is a spiritual architect...
"Dee Wallace is a must experience. She is a spiritual archeologist that helps you dig at core issues. Many teach…but only a few can help others to transcend. "

John Edwards, Host of Crossing Over and Co-Founder of
  Dee Wallace is an inspiring teacher...
"When you know WHO YOU ARE you understand that all energy is from the creative force, that there is no separation, only choice to be made. Dee Wallace is an inspiring actress and teacher that has learned to apply to empowering energy.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the New York Times bestselling series Conversations with God

 ... she and the channel are always right on target...
"Dee Wallace is one of my go-to experts for all things creation and manifestation. Her sessions have helped me many times when I've found myself stuck and needing help to uncover the blocks in my way. She and the channel are always right on target, and her teachings are simple enough to understand, yet powerful beyond measure. I highly recommend Dee's work to anyone looking to break through blocks, own their power and learn to create anything they desire."  

Tammy Mastroberte, No. 1 Bestselling Author, "The Universe is Talking to You"
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